Hospital How-To

By Corey Nicolaides - February 20, 2019

Ayla knows how to make the most of it, and with a little help from the rest of us, she turns an otherwise frustrating and uncomfortable hospital stay into a fun and silly time of rest and recovery.

Here are some pics from last weeks hospital trip.

Pondering what to draw. "Hmm. Perhaps I'll recreate 'Dancers in Blue', or maybe I'll paint some of Monet's poppy fields. Hmm...

Nah, I'll just draw Dad."

Building Lego and making art with Grandma. Grandma knows how to bring the fun.

Painting, and face painting with Mommy too!

Ayla and her Child Life specialist made a patient and even installed an "IV" like Ayla's.

Playing in the Child Life playroom.

Ayla leading her entourage around the floor, making sure she's healthy enough to head home.

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