Finally Spring

By Corey Nicolaides - June 01, 2018

Winter lingered this year. We were teased with Spring a number of times, but the frigid, cold, wet, windy winter just wouldn’t go away. It kept rearing it’s frosty, bitter head and hateful blue eyes.

I just don’t like Winter. I consider myself part of House Stark, but there’s no way I live in the North, it's too cold. I’ll work remotely in the near South.

Of course, the allergy sufferers in my house are not such fans of the Spring. Because living under these big old oak trees means...

Anyway, Spring finally arrived here, and we were very happy to start getting outside. Here are some pics.

My little planting helper.

We played a round of mini-golf.

Alaina's aunt and cousins came to visit.

Hanging out with aunt "KK" and Anna.

Sometimes you gotta paint with your feet. :)

We walked over to the Farmers Market Garden Center, and then we stopped by McDonalds for some vanilla ice cream. She was a little annoyed that it wasn't Dairy Queen, but she enjoyed it anyway.

It's taken Ayla a long time to get comfortable on her tricycle. Some of that is due to sensory issues, and some of it is from being hospitalized so early, for so long, and so frequently over the years. Her core strength has had to do a lot of catching-up. "I'm getting the hang of it, Dad!" she likes to say.

Sometimes you just have to run.

We took an afternoon trip over to the Scovill Zoo in Decatur. If you're looking for a local Children's Zoo, this one is great, and we highly recommend a visit.

It's been a pretty good Spring. Summer, we're coming for you next, and we have big plans.

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