First Time Mini-Golfing

By Corey Nicolaides - April 29, 2018

We were hoping to make an afternoon trip down to the Zoo, but summer hours at the St.Louis Zoo haven't started yet, so they would've been closed for the day by the time we drove down there. Ayla really wanted to get out and do something, and who could blame her with this lingering cold weather. So we decided to stay local and go try our luck with Miniature Golf at Knight's Action Park.

When we pulled into the parking lot Ayla asked "Are we at China?", because they have a hole with a pagoda over it. We had a good laugh and then explained that it was just mini-golf.

We didn't follow the rules, we skipped a few holes, and Ayla might have had more fun trying her hand at the crane game inside, but the weather was nice and it was good for us to get out and do something new.

They didn't get anything in the crane game, but Ayla had fun trying.
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