Pictures of Ayla - NICU

By Corey Nicolaides - April 18, 2013

We’re kind of limited on what pictures we can take while we’re here in the NICU, but I’ve taken some and thought I’d share. Enjoy!

NOTE: These were exported to be viewed on the web, if you print them they will turn into a green liquid and poison your land… *Eckhem* Grandparents.

Ayla in the NICU

With Mommy


Rooftop Garden

That’s all for now. More photos later!
- Corey, Alaina and Ayla

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Robin Abbot

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Love seeing Ayla w/the grandparents. My favorite is Alaina holding/snuggling her! Hugs to all!

Shirley Bell

Thank you SO much for sharing these, Corey! She looks SO PRECIOUS! And ... I am SO thankful both sets of Grandparents have been to see her and love on her. The Rooftop Garden is GORGEOUS and looks SO VERY PEACEFUL! I hope you guys are able to take time to enjoy it! Thinking of you and Praying for you CONTINUALLY!!! - LUV U, Shirley

Donna D'Camp

Great pictures…so glad the Grandparents got into the pictures. Being a Grandparent is such a blessing!

Sally Bolen

I have enjoyed seeing your photo journal as well as the written. Together they express the joy that you have in parenthood and reflect the heartache as well. Love to all of you.

Darin Miller

Great to see pictures of your beautiful baby girl!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Sam Emaleen

loved the pictures, also of Alaina (with her sweet smile) and the grandparents. We continue to pray for all of you.

Barb Dasch

May the Lord be with her bless her and her family what a beautiful baby.

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